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v8::BigInt Class Reference

#include <v8-primitive.h>

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Public Member Functions

uint64_t Uint64Value (bool *lossless=nullptr) const
int64_t Int64Value (bool *lossless=nullptr) const
int WordCount () const
void ToWordsArray (int *sign_bit, int *word_count, uint64_t *words) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from v8::Value
bool IsUndefined () const
bool IsNull () const
bool IsNullOrUndefined () const
bool IsTrue () const
bool IsFalse () const
bool IsName () const
bool IsString () const
bool IsSymbol () const
bool IsFunction () const
bool IsArray () const
bool IsObject () const
bool IsBigInt () const
bool IsBoolean () const
bool IsNumber () const
bool IsExternal () const
bool IsInt32 () const
bool IsUint32 () const
bool IsDate () const
bool IsArgumentsObject () const
bool IsBigIntObject () const
bool IsBooleanObject () const
bool IsNumberObject () const
bool IsStringObject () const
bool IsSymbolObject () const
bool IsNativeError () const
bool IsRegExp () const
bool IsAsyncFunction () const
bool IsGeneratorFunction () const
bool IsGeneratorObject () const
bool IsPromise () const
bool IsMap () const
bool IsSet () const
bool IsMapIterator () const
bool IsSetIterator () const
bool IsWeakMap () const
bool IsWeakSet () const
bool IsWeakRef () const
bool IsArrayBuffer () const
bool IsArrayBufferView () const
bool IsTypedArray () const
bool IsUint8Array () const
bool IsUint8ClampedArray () const
bool IsInt8Array () const
bool IsUint16Array () const
bool IsInt16Array () const
bool IsUint32Array () const
bool IsInt32Array () const
bool IsFloat16Array () const
bool IsFloat32Array () const
bool IsFloat64Array () const
bool IsBigInt64Array () const
bool IsBigUint64Array () const
bool IsDataView () const
bool IsSharedArrayBuffer () const
bool IsProxy () const
bool IsWasmMemoryObject () const
bool IsWasmModuleObject () const
bool IsWasmNull () const
bool IsModuleNamespaceObject () const
MaybeLocal< PrimitiveToPrimitive (Local< Context > context) const
MaybeLocal< NumericToNumeric (Local< Context > context) const
MaybeLocal< BigIntToBigInt (Local< Context > context) const
MaybeLocal< NumberToNumber (Local< Context > context) const
MaybeLocal< StringToString (Local< Context > context) const
MaybeLocal< StringToDetailString (Local< Context > context) const
MaybeLocal< ObjectToObject (Local< Context > context) const
MaybeLocal< IntegerToInteger (Local< Context > context) const
MaybeLocal< Uint32ToUint32 (Local< Context > context) const
MaybeLocal< Int32ToInt32 (Local< Context > context) const
Local< BooleanToBoolean (Isolate *isolate) const
MaybeLocal< Uint32ToArrayIndex (Local< Context > context) const
bool BooleanValue (Isolate *isolate) const
Maybe< double > NumberValue (Local< Context > context) const
Maybe< int64_t > IntegerValue (Local< Context > context) const
Maybe< uint32_t > Uint32Value (Local< Context > context) const
Maybe< int32_t > Int32Value (Local< Context > context) const
Maybe< bool > Equals (Local< Context > context, Local< Value > that) const
bool StrictEquals (Local< Value > that) const
bool SameValue (Local< Value > that) const
Local< StringTypeOf (Isolate *)
Maybe< bool > InstanceOf (Local< Context > context, Local< Object > object)
ValueCast (Data *value)
- Public Member Functions inherited from v8::Data
bool IsValue () const
bool IsModule () const
bool IsFixedArray () const
bool IsPrivate () const
bool IsObjectTemplate () const
bool IsFunctionTemplate () const
bool IsContext () const

Static Public Member Functions

static Local< BigIntNew (Isolate *isolate, int64_t value)
static Local< BigIntNewFromUnsigned (Isolate *isolate, uint64_t value)
static MaybeLocal< BigIntNewFromWords (Local< Context > context, int sign_bit, int word_count, const uint64_t *words)
static BigIntCast (v8::Data *data)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from v8::Value
template<class T >
static ValueCast (T *value)

Detailed Description

A JavaScript BigInt value (https://tc39.github.io/proposal-bigint)

Member Function Documentation

◆ Cast()

static BigInt * v8::BigInt::Cast ( v8::Data data)

◆ Int64Value()

int64_t v8::BigInt::Int64Value ( bool *  lossless = nullptr) const

Returns the value of this BigInt as a signed 64-bit integer. If lossless is provided, it will reflect whether this BigInt was truncated or not.

◆ New()

static Local< BigInt > v8::BigInt::New ( Isolate isolate,
int64_t  value 

◆ NewFromUnsigned()

static Local< BigInt > v8::BigInt::NewFromUnsigned ( Isolate isolate,
uint64_t  value 

◆ NewFromWords()

static MaybeLocal< BigInt > v8::BigInt::NewFromWords ( Local< Context context,
int  sign_bit,
int  word_count,
const uint64_t *  words 

Creates a new BigInt object using a specified sign bit and a specified list of digits/words. The resulting number is calculated as:

(-1)^sign_bit * (words[0] * (2^64)^0 + words[1] * (2^64)^1 + ...)

◆ ToWordsArray()

void v8::BigInt::ToWordsArray ( int *  sign_bit,
int *  word_count,
uint64_t *  words 
) const

Writes the contents of this BigInt to a specified memory location. sign_bit must be provided and will be set to 1 if this BigInt is negative. *word_count has to be initialized to the length of the words array. Upon return, it will be set to the actual number of words that would be needed to store this BigInt (i.e. the return value of WordCount()).

◆ Uint64Value()

uint64_t v8::BigInt::Uint64Value ( bool *  lossless = nullptr) const

Returns the value of this BigInt as an unsigned 64-bit integer. If lossless is provided, it will reflect whether the return value was truncated or wrapped around. In particular, it is set to false if this BigInt is negative.

◆ WordCount()

int v8::BigInt::WordCount ( ) const

Returns the number of 64-bit words needed to store the result of ToWordsArray().

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