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v8::internal::HandleHelper Class Referencefinal

#include <v8-internal.h>

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template<typename T1 , typename T2 >
static bool EqualHandles (const T1 &lhs, const T2 &rhs)

Detailed Description

Helper functions about handles.

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◆ EqualHandles()

template<typename T1 , typename T2 >
static bool v8::internal::HandleHelper::EqualHandles ( const T1 &  lhs,
const T2 &  rhs 

Checks whether two handles are equal. They are equal iff they are both empty or they are both non-empty and the objects to which they refer are physically equal.

If both handles refer to JS objects, this is the same as strict equality. For primitives, such as numbers or strings, a false return value does not indicate that the values aren't equal in the JavaScript sense. Use Value::StrictEquals() to check primitives for equality.

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