Chrome V8 profiling log processor

Process V8's profiling information log (sampling profiler tick information) in your browser. Particularly useful if you don't have the V8 shell (d8) at hand on your system. You still have to run Chrome with the appropriate command line flags to produce the profiling log.


Click on the button and browse to the profiling log file (usually, v8.log). Process will start automatically and the output will be visible in the below text area.

Limitations and disclaimer:

This page offers a subset of the functionalities of the command-line tick processor utility in the V8 repository. In particular, this page cannot access the command-line utility that provides library symbol information, hence the [C++] section of the output stays empty. Also consider that this web-based tool is provided only for convenience and quick reference, you should refer to the command-line version for full output.

Copyright the V8 Authors - Last change to this page: 12/12/2012