Chrome V8 profiling log processor


Record the profile:
  d8 --prof your-file.js
Then process the file (this resolves C++ symbols and produces a JSON file with the profile data):
  <v8-dir>/tools/linux-tick-processor --preprocess v8.log > v8.json
To view the profile, click the Choose file button above and choose the file in the dialog box.

For recording a profile from Chrome use:
    --no-sandbox --js-flags=--prof
If running on Android use also use --single-process:
    --single-process --no-sandbox --js-flags=--prof
If the profile is from Android pass the unstripped Chrome library to resolve C++ symbols when processing the file using linux-tick-processor.
  <v8-dir>/tools/linux-tick-processor --preprocess --apk-embedded-library=./out/Release/lib.unstripped/ v8.log > v8.json
More detailed instructions for Android here:

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